How To Use A Glass Bong?

How to use a glass bong?


A glass bong can be used for multiple purposes, such as smoking weed or cannabis, vaporizing, dabbing, or simply cleaning your pipes. However, one common use of the bong is to produce a cloud of smoke in order to impress others. This type of usage is known as “blowing.” Blowing is usually performed by inhaling from the mouthpiece of the bong while exhaling through a straw held between the lips. As a result, it produces a large amount of smoke in a short amount of time. Inhaled smoke travels into the lungs where it enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain within seconds. When viewed from the perspective of health, this method of consumption has many benefits over other methods of intake. For example, unlike cigarettes which contain nicotine, marijuana does not contain any addictive substances; however, people who consume both may find their tolerance levels diminish after prolonged use.

The Different Bong Shapes

Bongs come in various shapes and sizes, and they often have varying functions depending on how you intend to use them. If you’re looking to purchase a new bong, you’ll want to consider what kind of material you will be using it with since each material requires different 

Glass Bong Colors

There are two main types of bongs available today: clear and colored. Clear bongs are typically made from glass, and they allow users to see all parts of the device when it’s being cleaned. Colored bongs, on the other hand, are opaque and only reveal themselves during cleaning. Because of this, it is much easier to maintain a colored bong than a clear version.

Cleaning Your Bong

Bongs are simple devices made from glass. Unlike most pieces of glassware, they do not contain lead or arsenic, but they still need regular maintenance. Some models require more maintenance than others, so make sure you know exactly what your model needs before buying.

Difference between a Bubbler and a Bong?

A bubbler is simply a bong with no downstem. A bong with no down stem allows smoke to pass directly into your lungs without having to go through any filters or water. So if you want a quick hit on the go, then a bubbler may be right for you. However, bongs with down stems allow smoke to travel through the water first.

When choosing which bong to buy, remember that a bong with a smaller diameter will produce less smoke, while a larger diameter will create more volume of smoke. For example, a small diameter bong will typically only hold 2oz of flower, whereas a large diameter bong could hold up to 4oz.

Choose a Bong With High Quality Glass

You’ll also find that some bongs are made from higher quality glass, such as clear tempered glass. Clear tempered glass comes in two types: clear and green. Green tempered glass is used when creating a piece for decorative purposes, whilst clear is used for everyday use.

Types of Bong Water Filtration

There are various ways to clean the water in your bong to ensure that it remains free of sediment, nicotine, tar, and other harmful substances. We’ve listed below our top five favorite methods of filtering out these toxins.

A good quality glass bong will have these features:

1. A sturdy base with a large capacity water reservoir.

2. An adjustable air gap to control airflow.

3. A removable downstem to clean easily.

4. A removable top cap to allow for easy access to refill your bong.

5. An ice catcher to collect condensation and debris.

6. Good quality glass construction.

7. Quality hardware such as a secure lockable lid, comfortable grip handle, and durable metal parts.

8. Waterproofing.

9. High-quality stem to prevent leaks.

10. Good quality filters to maintain quality water during usage.