What I learned about vaporizers today

The best models are always going to be the types that store all of the vapor into a bag for people to suck in. Even so you will find a negative aspect to making use of designs that keep the vapour in a bag.
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Just as with a pipe, bong, and so forth, marijuana resin will start to accumulate within the walls within the bags. It is not as dense of course, nonetheless it simply requires a little bit of resin over the walls of the vaporizer bags to make it practically inoperable. Should the inside wall structure of the bag adhere together you will understand exactly what I am referring to. Whenever no oxygen or even vapor gets into the bag whatsoever, you’ll have simply thrown away lots of marijuana. There exists a great way to prevent this from going on – Don’t STORE The BAGS WITH Lids ON THEM. Even when you feel as if you have taken all of the vapor out of the bag, small parts will still be left in folds. For extended (blank) successful functioning of your vaporizer, servicing is important. In the event you leave the top on it and there is even the littlest volume of vapor inside, it’ll layer the inside of your bag and make it sticky. I’ve woken up many times to discover my own vaporizer bags with the caps still on, and the bag wall space ended up completely stuck together, even though I assumed I dominated all of the vapor that had been inside of them.

What’s a bong Downpipe?

If you’ve ever been at a party and they’ve been talking about bongs and downpipes, you may have been a bit puzzled over this terminology. Almost everyone knows what a bong is, but what exactly is a downpipe or downstem? This is the long tube-like piece that fits into the bong and may be replaceable if broken.

There’s a lot of terminology to learn when you’re starting out with bongs. Often they’re also called water pipe, billy, bing, or moof.

A bong is usually a long wide tube-like shape, made from glass or acrylic plastic. It’s filled with water before usage. The glass downpipe or downstem for bong, is that long piece off to the side that fits inside a bong. It takes the smoke and sends it into the bong. The cannabis fits into the end of the downpipe. The smoke will travel down the stem and into the water. Because the water’s being heated, there will be bubbles at the bottom of the bong.
That’s why many people like to have clear glass bongs, so they can see the action inside. The smoke drifts through the water, and is lifted above. The smoke enters the top of the bong, near the mouthpiece, where you can inhale it. It’s believed that the water removes some of the harmful toxins from the smoke, and that smoking with a bong is a safer experience than smoking cigarettes.

The downpipe also contains what is called a diffuser or frits, tiny holes along the end of the downstem that help to diffuse the smoke as it exits the downstem and enters the bong.

Since downpipes stick out from the side, they’re prone to breaking. For the cheaper bongs you’re going to need to replace the entire unit, but for glass bongs that cost more money, fortunately, the downpipes are easily replaceable.

When searching for replacement downpipes, you’re going to need to do some measuring. Most manufacturers include the following information, so you can find an exact match to the one that you broke. The downpipe is measured from the slide join fitting, and the outside ground joint fitting in millimeters. For example 14/18 mm. You’ll need to also measure the length from top of ground join to the bottom of the downstem, and then the complete length of downstem. This is usually in inches: 5.50/6.00 inches. Downpipes come in a few different widths and lengths so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you need.

You may wish to buy downpipes that are made in the USA, to support nationally made products, rather than other countries.

Downpipe and downstem are terms that can be used interchangeably. Don’t panic if your downpipe breaks. Most of the time you can remove the broken piece and buy a new replacement downstem. You’ll have to measure the old one carefully to ensure that the new one will fit your bong. You may even wish to purchase a few extras to have on hand, in case you get too clumsy one weekend.

Some of the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

I came across some slander against the herb today in real life. I found a few of my fellow work colleagues in discussion about cannabis. They do not know I am a smoker but they may be on to me after today. Basically there was a closed minded fool talking rubbish and spewing ridiculously aged myths about mental health and depression caused by cannabis.

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After listing and showing them a few proven and documented recent studies about cannabis and cancer the sheep listening in started to ask me questions and look like they might be swayed to learn more. I showed them this video below:

The fool was still trying to talk badly, I asked him where he got his information from and he pointed me in the direction of this government website…needless to say I laughed in his face.

If you feel like having a good laugh, I suggest you take a gander at the false information provided in this marijuana pdf. A line that stood out to me was “it is a dangerous drug that has no recognized medical value”. No matter how you feel about marijuana, you must know that this is a lie. It has been proven time and time again that marijuana has 100’s of medicinal values documented back for over a thousand years.